Getting Started with the Save the Cat! Plotting Method

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What You'll Learn

In this free 1-hour webinar, Jessica will show you how to:

Build Compelling Stories

We'll look at how the 15 "beats" or plot points of the Save the Cat! Method make up the secret storytelling code that can be found in all great stories, from the Grapes of Wrath to The Girl On The Train

Keep Your Readers Engaged

We'll dive in to each beat and study where it falls in the overall story, how it works, and most importantly, WHY it works, so you can use the structure to keep your readers hooked!

Plot with Confidence

We'll talk about how you can use this simple, straightforward structure to help you write, outline, revise, or fix your novel with clarity and confidence

Hi, I'm Jessica Brody

I am the author of Save the Cat! Writes a Novel and a certified instructor of the Save the Cat! plotting method.

In the past five years, I've taught hundreds of thousands of novelists from around the world how to harness the power of the 15 key story beats. And I'm excited to teach YOU as well in this free webinar.

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Did you know that 99.9% of all bestselling novels ever written follow the exact same basic structure?

It’s true. There’s a specific storytelling code, or pattern, that our brains seem hardwired to respond to. If you tell a story in this specific way, it’s almost guaranteed to engage your readers and resonate with them on a deeper level.

This code has existed since the earliest storytellers. From the first narratives told around campfires to today’s blockbusters, the pattern is there, whether the author knew it or not. 

But if you know it, you’ll have an enormous advantage in the storytelling business.

Knowing the code like having x-ray vision into stories, so you can very quickly see what’s working and what’s not.

You’ll be able to run your new ideas through a quick filter to decide if the story is strong enough to continue with.

You'll be able to finish your first drafts faster, knowing exactly what should come next.

You’ll be able to revise those first drafts with clarity and confidence, knowing what to keep and where to move things around to craft it into a bestseller.

In fact, this storytelling code will become so familiar, you’ll start seeing the pattern in narratives all around you, from books, movies, TV shows, song lyrics, and even commercials. And you’ll be able to use all these skills to reach your writing goals faster.

Thankfully, the code is a simple, 15-step blueprint that ANYONE can follow to craft a solid story that will resonate with readers.

This blueprint is the Save the Cat! Method, which I'll explain in this free webinar!

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