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"Thanks to this course, I completed a 60,000 word first draft of my YA sci-fi novel in two months!"

- Lisa K.

"I completed Nanowrimo this year thanks to this course. Taking notes on revisions and ideas while continually moving forward was a game-changer!"

-Betsy M.

"My mind is blown with all the tips and tricks. It really is SO easy to write now. I wish I found you earlier!"

-Monica L.

Stop stressing, second-guessing, and revising endlessly. Start Fast Drafting and finish your first draft in 30 days (or less)!

Have you ever…

  • Abandoned a novel or short story halfway through?
  • Struggled to finish a novel that you were once excited about?
  • Spent months or even years wrestling with the same project?
  • Wished you could finish your writing projects faster?
  • Driven yourself mad with stress, anxiety, and doubt over the novel you’re working on?
  • Wondered if there was an easier way?

You’re not alone. It’s estimated that 97% of people who start a novel never finish it! But it’s not their fault. Most writers learn writing techniques and habits that, although well-intentioned, end up stifling their creativity and make finishing a scene or chapter difficult, not to mention an entire novel.

But the good news is, there is a better way.

The Novel Fast Drafting course will teach you how to Fast Draft - a method of writing that will give you the best possible chance of finishing all the projects that you start in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Using this method, you’ll minimize your time spent rewriting, revising, stressing, and agonizing about what to write next, whether your project is working, and whether you’re ever going to finish it, and maximize your time getting your story out of your head and on the page.


Throughout this self-paced, on-demand course, you will learn:

  • Why the majority of novels are never finished
  • The necessary mindset to ensure you finish every writing project that you start
  • A complete step-by-step action plan for finishing your first draft in record time (perfect for NaNoWriMo writers trying to hit 50k in 30 days!)
  • A customizable method for brainstorming a novel that applies to “plotters,” “pantsers,” and every writer in between
  • The 7 Golden Rules of Fast Drafting that will set you up to succeed every time you start a new project


Join Jessica Brody, author of the #1 bestselling plotting guide, Save the Cat! Writes a Novel, and the author of more than twenty novels published by major publishers, as she guides you through the three phases of the course:


Phase 1: Mindset
Where you’ll learn how to set your mind in the right place for Fast Drafting success and learn the two core philosophies that make up the Fast Drafting Method.

Phase 2: Preparation
Where Jessica will guide you through easy-to-follow, actionable (and customizable) steps to get you, your schedule, your life, and your story ready for drafting. This phase includes three Writer’s Room sessions dedicated to brainstorming the characters, plot, and world of your story, during which Jessica will brainstorm her latest Fast Drafting project right along with you and share her results.

Phase 3: Drafting
Where you’ll learn what to do Before, During, and After each writing session to ensure you’re always writing toward your goals with the least amount of stress and wasted time, and reaching that finish line faster than you’ve ever reached it before. This phase also includes a “Fast Drafting Demonstration” where Jessica pulls back the curtain and shares her screen with you while she Fast Drafts a chapter of her latest novel, so you can see exactly how she puts into practice all of the steps, strategies, and tools she’ll be giving you throughout this course.


By the end of this course, you’ll have all the skills you need to finish your novels in record time!


By the End of This Course, You'll Have:

A firm grasp of the Fast Drafting method and how you can start using it today to finish your current project in record time

A whole new mindset that gives you the mental space and freedom you need to easily finish every project you start

A clear action plan to follow for every idea to ensure it’s ready for fast drafting

A super productive, consistent writing routine that will get you into the optimal writing zone every day

A simple tracking method you can use to watch your daily word count improve as you apply the techniques in this course

Best of all, the ability to finish the first draft of a full-length novel in 30 days (or less)!


Meet Your Instructor

Hello, I’m Jessica Brody and I’m an international bestselling author of more than 20 books and novels (including the #1 bestselling writing guide, Save the Cat! Writes a Novel).

Since starting my full-time writing career (over a decade ago), I’ve developed a time-tested strategy that allows me to write my first drafts in only weeks and finish 3-4 books every single year. And in this course, I’m sharing that same strategy with you.

After working with tens of thousands of writers around the world, it breaks my heart to see how many of them struggle to finish their projects. There are so many beautiful, important, impactful stories living inside people’s heads that need to be written…and finished. And I created this course to make sure that they are.

So, let’s get to work! I look forward to seeing you inside the course!

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Course Outline

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Crafting Dynamic Characters

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Foundations of Fiction

Master the foundations of compelling fiction and use them to craft killer novels, memoirs, or short stories

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Level Up Your Writing

Challenge your creativity and sharpen your skills across seven key story elements in this interactive online course with bestselling author Scott Reintgen

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Productivity Hacks for Writers

Learn to "hack" your brain, space, and devices to stay focused, be more productive, and get the most out of every writing day

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Secrets to Self-Publishing Success

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to successfully self-publishing and marketing your novel, with bestselling author Bethany Atazadeh

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Develop Blockbuster Ideas that Sell

Unleash your creativity and brainstorm "high-concept" book and movie ideas that sell

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Conquering Writer's Block

Proven strategies, techniques, and tools to overcome writer's block (for good!), and become a Prolific Writer

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Sell Your Novel to a Major Publisher

A comprehensive, step-by-step  insider's guide to selling your book and becoming a paid, published author

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A fun, interactive workshop to help young writers unlock their creativity, improve their craft, and write better stories (ages 9+)

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Course Topics

Share progress, ask questions, answer questions, and chat with fellow writers taking the same course as you

Genre Discussions

Chat with other writers working on similar projects in your genre

Writing Sprints

Why write alone? Join a scheduled sprint, or create one any time to challenge and motivate yourself to write more!

Monthly Challenges

Fun and motivating challenges every month to help you stay motivated and get to know your fellow members

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Find critique partners and beta readers to help you get more eyes on your work

Goals & Accountability

Simply announcing your goals to others has a HUGE impact on your success. And you've got a place just for this!

Writers Only

This is not a Facebook group. It's a community of 100% writers, so there are no distractions

A few posts from our members:

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Here are a few of the webinars available to watch now:

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We take the top questions from all our Office Hours and Webinars, edit them into their own mini-lectures, and categorize them for you. Categories include character development, fast drafting, NaNoWriMo, pacing, point of view, revising, writing process, worldbuilding, and more. It's very likely we've answered a question similar to yours, so this is a great resource to get answers fast!

Here's a sample of the available questions:

Character Development

  • How to create well-rounded characters?
  • Does a hero always have to change over the course of a story
  • What's the best way to have a character realize something organically?
  • How do I make readers like an unlikable character?

The Publishing Industry

  • What is a realistic timeline between drafting and getting published?
  • How do I find an editor?
  • Can you publish on various platforms?
  • Is traditional publishing still a viable path?


  • How do you keep track of your revision process?
  • How do you know when you're done revising a chapter?
  • What do I do if I get bored with the story I'm writing?
  • How do I start revisions for a very messy draft?

Save the Cat! & Plotting

  • How do you structure a series using Save the Cat!?
  • How do the Save the Cat! beats relate to chapters?
  • How do you use Save the Cat! in the revision process?
  • Does a hero always have to change over the course of a story?


World Building

  • How do you build a convincing fantasy world?
  • How do you describe a world in a way that shows rather than tells?
  • How much setting detail is too much?
  • What's the difference between a world and a setting?

Writing Process

  • How do you defeat perfectionism to finish a book?
  • How do you find your voice as a writer?
  • How do I prioritize all the story ideas I have and avoid leaving stories half-finished?
  • How do I turn a hodgepodge of detailed notes and dialogue into a draft?

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